Ukraine Defense Ministry denies military drills planned in Kiev

by The Daily Lede

Ukraine Defense Ministry denies military drills planned in Kiev

Ukrainian armed forces aren’t planning to hold any military drills involving armored vehicles in central Kiev on Wednesday night, the country’s Defense Ministry said, refuting an earlier announcement from the mayor’s office in Kiev.

“Dear Kiev residents and guests of the capital! A tactical-special exercise will be held in Kiev on the night from April 30 to May 1,” says the short statement published on the city hall website. “Columns of combat vehicles are expected to be moving through the city as part of the exercise. Be advised that deployment of troops and hardware will take place in the center of the city.”

It was not immediately explained why the drills had been called at this time and place.

Later, posts in Twitter alleged that the drills will not be staged by the military, but by civil defense forces. Bloggers referred to Defense Minister Pyotr Mekhed who reportedly said that no military hardware was being sent to Kiev.