Qaeda threatens to hit back over Yemen drone strikes

by The Daily Lede

Qaeda threatens to hit back over Yemen drone strikes

Al-Qaeda in Yemen threatened on Friday to hit back at the authorities after a wave of deadly drone attacks in the latest government offensive against the jihadists.

The warning from Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula chief Qassem al-Rimi came in a video posted online.

Rimi said AQAP — which Washington sees as the deadliest branch of the Al-Qaeda franchise — would attack “any establishment, ministry, camp or barracks” linked to placing devices on vehicles to enable them to be targeted by US drones “or for acting as an intermediary with the Americans”.

“For us, all such establishments are legitimate targets. We won’t wait for them to come to us — we will go to them,” he said.

Rimi said his group had “a long list of those implicated in such operations… who will pay the price”.