SBU Claims to Have Seized Radioactive Materials

by The Daily Lede

SBU Claims to Have Seized Radioactive Materials

At a press conference today, Marina Ostapenko, an SBU spokesperson, said that the SBU’s counter-intelligence group had seized nearly 1.5kg of a radioactive substance, possibly uranium, in the Chernivtsi region.

“The hazardous material was brought into Ukrainian territory from the self-proclaimed Transnistrian Republic in a car with foreign license plates, and was stored in a home-made container.”

She said that ten people had been detained by the SBU in the course of this operation, one of whom, according to initial reports, is a Russian citizen.

Ukrainska Pravda notes that the SBU has not ruled out the possibility that the radioactive material was intended to be used to construct a ‘dirty bomb’.