Massive Unexplained DDoS Attack Hits USA

by The Daily Lede

Massive Unexplained DDoS Attack Hits USA


There is a massive internal DDoS attack taking place in USA today(May 9, 2014). The attack seems to be a DNS amplification that is affecting at least 220,000 domains belonging to domain hosts, Point DNS. We are still looking for information and will update as details become available. At the moment it appears like a cyber-nuke has hit North America.

The Register reports the Point DNS team brought in security specialists Incapsula to mitigate the attack, which peaked at 25 million packets per second. It reported seeing floods of non-spoofed IP data coming from two DDoS protection services as the cause of the outage.

We have no new information regarding the increased DDoS activity shown on the Digital Attack Map today but we are still looking for updates and will post when we know more. We would like to note that the Digital Attack Map has not shown current data for the past 5+ hours.

When we published this article we took the above screenshot of the map at 3:31 PM EST and information at that time was current. However, since then the map appears to be stuck on May 6th and is missing data for the last 3 days. We have contacted Arbor Networks and asked for a statement as to why the map is not registering current information and we will update when we hear back from them.