Bullets found after Kiev riots do not fit Berkut commando guns

by The Daily Lede


Bullets found after Kiev riots do not fit Berkut commando guns

KIEV, May 13. /ITAR-TASS/. Berkut police commandoes did not shoot at protesters during tragic events in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, last February. The Ukrainian parliamentary interim investigative committee came to this conclusion after an expertise of cartridges and bullets used by snipers.

Head of the committee Gennady Moskal believes that representatives of public organizations getting out of control could have been shooting at demonstrators. Without elaborating, which organizations were meant, Moskal noted that then “the first shot was made at policemen.”

“Any person could infiltrate in the ranks of the protest movement under the guise of fight against” incumbent authorities, he told a news conference. In his view, a theory is not ruled out that officers of the Ukrainian Security Service or the Interior Ministry as their supporters posing as activists could have been shooting.

The committee was formed for investigation of illegal actions of law enforcement agencies and some officials in massive public and political protests in Ukraine since November 21, 2013. No one has assumed responsibility for the killing of more than 100 protesters and law enforcers. More than half of them were killed in the morning on February 20 on Independence Square and Institutskaya Street in central Kiev.