Boiling Water From Ruptured Pipe Floods Bus–Seven Hospitalized With Severe Burns

by The Daily Lede

  • A damaged water pipe eroded soil under a city street and caused the partial collapse of the asphalt
  • Road gives way under vehicle as bus attempts to travel around the hole caused by the erosion
  • Hot water scalds driver forcing him to flee unable to open doors for passengers to escape
  • People trapped as boiling water and steam fill bus
  • Eyewitness: “I couldn’t see who was inside. There were only hands sliding on the misted glass. The driver was running around grabbing his head, and then some passersby started hitting the windows with their bare hands.”
  • Eyewitness: “Two more minutes and they would have been finished,” one of the people involved in the rescue said. “When I pulled them out – skin was sliding off their arms. They were all so hot! And inside the bus there was boiling water. Couldn’t stretch my arm inside.”