Moscow to Respond to Australia’s Sanctions Against Russia

by The Daily Lede

Moscow to Respond to Australia’s Sanctions Against Russia

MOSCOW, May 22 (RIA Novosti) – Moscow does not accept any attempts to use the language of sanctions against Russia, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday, commenting on additional sanctions imposed by Australia over the situation in Ukraine.

“We have already declared that Russia would not tolerate any attempts to address it using the sanctions language. Certainly, this will not stay unanswered,” a statement published on the ministry’s website said.

On Wednesday the Australian Foreign Ministry announced plans to add 38 people and 11 companies to a sanctions list in response to ongoing tensions in Ukraine. The new sanctions will target Ukrainian and Russian officials. The latest addition brings the total number of those on the blacklist to 50. The names of the sanctioned officials and companies have not yet been revealed.

Since March, similar punitive measures against Russian and Ukrainian officials accused of alleged involvement in the escalation of the Ukrainian crisis have been taken by the US and EU. Apart from imposing targeted sanctions against individuals and companies, the West has also threatened Russia with sanctions against key sectors of the country’s economy.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that the language of sanctions is “inappropriate and counterproductive” and warned its Western partners about the “boomerang effect” that sanctions would have.