Wash. soldier missing after posting cryptic message on Facebook

by The Daily Lede

Wash. soldier missing after posting cryptic message on Facebook

  • “Trust me, I’m doing everyone that knows me a favor. Good bye world.”

PANAWAY, Wash. — A Fort Lewis soldier is missing after a cryptic message was posted on his Facebook page, and now his wife is asking for the public’s help to find her husband.

“I just want him to come back, ok. That’s all I want,” said the missing soldier’s wife, Brandi Warner.

Josh Warner, a mechanic for the 2nd Stryker Brigade, has not been seen or heard from since Wednesday morning when he left his Spanaway home. Brandi Warner thought her husband was going to work like any other day.

“He woke me up to give me a hug and kiss goodbye and then there was cops at my door, pounding on my door,” said Warner.

Deputies from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department went to the home for a welfare check after friends became concerned about a Facebook post on Josh Warner’s wall.

At 5:37 a.m. on Wednesday, a message was posted that read: “Trust me, Im doing everyone that knows me a favor. Good bye world.”

Warner said her husband has disappeared in the past but never this long.

“Not like this, not like this. Not for this long,” said Warner, who said she’s not sure what’s going on this time.

“Out in the woods, I hope. Just taking a break. Got overwhelmed with something, is just going to come back out of it, ya know? I hope,” said Warner.

The 38-year-old enjoys the woods and “mudding” with his truck — a 1991 brown, GMC pick-up with a winch on the front. It has Oregon license plates that read YXQ038. 

Brandi Warner said she’s now sleep-deprived and can’t focus or concentrate. She told her 5- and 6-year-old sons on Friday that their dad is missing.

“At first I just told them he was at work and then I told them today that he’s missing and we’re looking for him,” said Warner.

Members of Warner’s unit said he didn’t show up for physical training on Wednesday. They also went to Warner’s home after they learned about the Facebook post