SBU: Drone downed by ATO forces produced in Russia

by The Daily Lede

SBU: Drone downed by ATO forces produced in Russia


KYIV, May 30 /Ukrinform/. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that was shot down on May 28 in the area of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) was produced in Russia, the press center of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) reported on Friday.

“According to preliminary expert findings, the device is one of the serial modifications of the Russian-made unmanned aerial vehicle Orlan-10 with the parachute landing system,” the secret service said.

The SBU added that the Orlan-10 drone is part of the aerial reconnaissance, surveillance and monitoring system. It is used by government agencies in Russia, in particular, the Russian Defence Ministry as a reconnaissance aircraft capable of creating 3D terrain maps and manage progress of the battle. Depending on the modification and the module installed, the Orlan-10 can carry on board a thermal imager, camera, video camera, radio transmitter, repeater.

Currently the Russian drone undergoes technical and chemical expertise to identify a chemical substance found on board the UAV.