Two Russian submarines to test-launch ICBMs Bulava in autumn

by The Daily Lede

Two Russian submarines to test-launch ICBMs Bulava in autumn

MOSCOW, June 03. /ITAR-TASS/. Project 955 Borei-class strategic missile-carrying nuclear submarine cruiser Vladimir Monomakh will test-launch an intercontinental ballistic missile Bulava for the first time in August-September 2014, and Borei-class nuclear submarine Yuri Dolgoruky will test-fire another Bulava missile in November, a source in the Russian governmental military industrial committee told ITAR-TASS on Tuesday.

“A first Bulava test-launch is planned in August 2014, but probably it will be delayed to September for technical reasons. Vladimir Monomakh will test-fire a Bulava missile at state trials,” the source said, adding that “Yuri Dolgoruky, which was brought into service of Russia’s navy in January 2013, will test-launch a Bulava missile in November.”