DEVELOPING: 3 teens captured by terrorists, one is US citizen–posted 6/13/14

by The Daily Lede

IDF Special Forces launching large scale operation after three teens, one a US citizen, have been captured by Islamist terrorists

  • Israeli PM Netanyahu claims teens kidnapped by Hamas 6/15/14
  • IDF detain 80 Palestinians in search 6/15/14
  • John Kerry condemns kidnapping, says indications point to Hamas involvement 6/15/14
  • IDF Forces storming Hebron now surrounding houses in retaliation of kidnapped boys 6/15/14
  • Israel raids West Bank arrests 150 Palestinians 6/16/14
  • Reports that the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade says “The three boys are in safe hands and outside Hebron – We will prove it soon.” 6/16/14
  • BREAKING: Aqsa Martyrs Brigade will free 3 youths being held captive in exchange for thousands of prisoners 6/16/14