Global conflicts spread this day 6/15/14

by The Daily Lede

  • Kenyan police chief says 27 killed in militant attacks
  • Multiple explosions in Gaza as Israel retaliates to today’s rocket attack on Israel
  • Gunmen in Kenya have attacked cafes and bars where people gathered to watch World Cup
  • Gunmen in two mini-busses attack coastal Kenyan town setting fire to two hotels and police station
  • Ukraine says it will close all borders along Russia to create buffer zone
  • Riot police in Rio deploy tear gas and stun grenades as military helicopters fly overhead during world cup protests
  • Reports of live ammunition being used by police in Rio
Riot Police in Rio spray World Cup protestors

Riot Police in Rio spray World Cup protestors


Massive convoy of Russian military vehicles heading toward Ukraine rumors circulate of impending invasion within 24hrs:

  • Multiple reports coming in of tanks, APC’s and artillary moving toward Ukraine from multiple directions


More footage of Russian convoy with tanks moving toward Ukraine:


More Russian hardware moving toward Ukraine–this time by rail:


Israeli airstrikes in Gaza

Israeli airstrikes in Gaza