Daily Global Conflict Report — 6/17/14 updated 17:39 eastern time

by The Daily Lede

Our daily global conflict report continues with up-to-the-minute breaking stories of the escalation of violence worldwide.  All posts are compiled into one and are updated throughout the day, so please check back often


  • Reports have confirmed that the West-Siberian gas pipeline which runs through Ukraine has exploded

Short clip of fireball apparently of gas pipeline explosion:


Still from older video showing mystery cargo being transported by Russian military.  Cargo has been confirmed to be 2F77M is a 6 x 6 KamAZ-43101B series flatbed with a missile loading crane



Video of mortar attack which has left one Russian journalist dead


NEW video of train carrying Ukrainian military hardware toward Donbass:


Photo of what appears to be anti aircraft missile launcher:



Ukrainian military convoy passing through Mariupol:



  • Reports are now surfacing that the number of troops being sent to Baghdad is closer to 400 and not the 275 as stated by President Obama–source @RamiAlLolah
  • ISIS has now surrounded Baghdad on three sides and is said to be in control of the water supply to Baghdad
  • Iraqi Turkoman Front calls on Turkey to send troops Kirkuk


Photo of drone apparently spotted over northern Iraq: