Violence spiraling out of control in NYC where 20 people have been reported shot resulting in 3 fatalities

by The Daily Lede


A rash of shootings plaguing all five boroughs in NYC Saturday and Sunday night has resulted in three fatalities and 17 wounded.

A man was fatally shot in the head in Queens on Saturday, and three people were shot in Brooklyn on Sunday.  One man was killed after being shot in the back another died after being shot in the stomach Sunday evening.

Shootings also occurred in Manhattan and Staten Island.  No fatalities were reported in either of those locations.

In Brooklyn, a ten year old boy was wounded and, in the Bronx, a 12 year old boy and 18 year old woman were both shot in the leg.

“Shootings are down compared to last year,” said Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.  “We’re always concerned about any shootings, but we have 1,200 additional cops this week,” Bratton said.

To date, the number of shootings are lower than this time last year, say police.