Situation in Gaza about to erupt as attacks from both sides continue to escalate

by The Daily Lede


Over 70 airstrikes have been launched into Gaza following Palestinian rocket attacks which have gone unabated for the last 24hrs.

Demonstrators in the western Negev city of Sderot demand strong military action in retaliation for Palestinian rocket attacks.

Code Red sirens can now be heard in Sderot and Sha’ar HaNegev

Video has now surfaced of protestors in Jerusalem chanting “Death to Arabs”.

This phot depicts a bedroom in Sderot which was hit by a rocket fired from Gaza:

courtesy Tovah Lazaroff

courtesy Tovah Lazaroff


Hamas has released a statement warning of conflict with Israel:

Israel has sent tanks and artillery to Gaza border with expectations of expanded military operations in Palestinian territory

RT Live stream of Israel/Gaza conflict