60,000 civilians flee Slovyansk due to conflict

by The Daily Lede


According to the Acting mayor of Slovyansk, Alexander Samsonov, the Slavyansk Donestk region of eastern Ukraine has seen 60,000 inhabitants flee due to the continuing conflict resulting from Kiev’s Anti-Terrorist Operation.

The region has lost nearly half it’s population with 50 to 60,000 residents remaining in the area.  Those who remain simply have nowhere to go or are afraid to venture outdoors and the mayor has called for humanitarian corridors to be set up to aid those who remain.

Samsonov says the shooting continues throughout the day and into the night.  There’s no water, electricity, or phone service. In addition, they are in urgent need of medications and staples such as water, flour, and salt.

Samsonov states that the most important task at hand at the moment is for the creation of some sort of humanitarian corridor to safely escort the remaining citizens from the war torn region.