Jewish and Palestinian groups clash outside Toronto, Canada

by The Daily Lede

Members of the Jewish Defense League of Toronto, a far-right religious-political militant organization whose stated goal is to protect Jews from antisemitism by whatever means necessary, clashed with Palestinians outside a not-for-profit educational center known as the Palestine House in Mississauga, Ontario Canada yesterday.

The riot, which involved upwards of 200 people, started when Jewish Defense League protestors gathered outside the Palestinian House to voice their opposition to the killings of three Israeli teens and the suspected revenge killing of a Palestinian teen in the Middle East.

Chants of “We will not submit”, “You murder children” and “Israel is eternal” could be heard from the side of the Jewish protestors.

An email was sent from the Jewish Defense League of Toronto informing Mississauga police of their intended demonstration.  Police then notified officials at Palestine House.

Peel regional police and paramedics along with heavily armed tactical units managed to stabilize the situation which resulted in three people being injured.