Russian Federation Council discuss possible preemptive strikes

by The Daily Lede


Yevgeny Bushmin, Vice-Speaker of the Russian Federation Council House of Rostov region, has stated that the increasing attacks from Ukraine are provocations meant to force Russia into conflict, and that the most effective way in dealing with these aggressions would be through the use of targeted preemptive measures similar to those employed by the US and Israel.

This follows an attack which destroyed an apartment building in the Donetsk, Rostov region inside Russia on Sunday which took the life of one man and seriously injured a woman.

Speaking to RIA Novosti, Bushmin said while on a visit with service personnel in Rostov region that, he met with border guards who now feel the attacks from the Ukrainian military are intended as provocations to entice Russia into conflict.

Bushkin states: “It’s the only way,” referring to precision strikes on strategic Ukrainian military targets and points to the US, EU, and Israel-as civilized countries who use the same tactics.

Senators also agree, emphasizing that the ability to negotiate with Ukraine has been lost and is out of control as the situation has moved into the hands of armed gangs guided by the likes of extreme right-leaning groups such as Right Sector.