Tymchuk: “Russian Sabotage and Reconnaissance group ready to infiltrate Ukraine on July 15”

by The Daily Lede


Ukrainian military expert and blogger, Dmitry Tymchuk, has stated that Russian Special Forces are ready to infiltrate Ukrainian borders as early as July 15th.

Speaking at a recent press briefing, Tymchuk was quoted as saying “Russia is preparing to send its special forces from Rostov Oblast into Ukraine.”

“Last weekend we received exhaustive confirmation about this, and we can say this with certainty,” he said. “Special forces groups are arriving in Rostov Oblast. These are regular intelligence and diversionary brigades from Russian Military Intelligence Operations (GRU). According to information we have, the unit commanders anticipate being sent into Ukraine on the fifteenth (of July). This date has flashed on more than once in information we have been receiving.”

Tymchuk claimed that the Russians up to this point have been deciding as to how these units will be deployed within Ukrainian territory.

“They expect that they will be called peacekeepers and that Russia is getting ready to introduce its own so-called peacekeeping forces into Ukraine,” the expert stressed. “Or they will be ‘green men’ like those in April (in Crimea).”