Romanian sailors idled in Canadian port without food or water strike over unpaid wages

by The Daily Lede


A crew of Romanian sailors along with their Russian captain remain idled aboard their cargo ship in the Port of Oshawa without food and fresh water and have now chosen to strike over unpaid wages.

According to the sailors they have not seen a paycheck since April and allege the ships owner, Intersee of Germany, left them without replenished supplies.

The ship, along with it’s 19 crew members, arrived in Canadian waters nearly one month ago from Europe and has literally been abandoned without food and water for the past two weeks.

In a desperate attempt, the crew yelled at passing fisherman for gear so they could catch some food to eat.  Supporters of the stranded sailors later delivered meals to the vessel.

18,000 tonnes of steel pipe and coils remain onboard the ship while negotiations with the cargo owner to pay the sailors continue after it was revealed that the ships owner was facing financial difficulties.

The sailors have been on strike since Friday and have refused to unload the cargo.