Australia to send 50 police members to Ukraine to secure Malaysian crash site

by The Daily Lede

Australia has readied a team of 50 police members to be deployed to the Malaysian air crash site in eastern Ukraine.

50 members of the Australian team have been positioned in London as part of a United Nations initiative currently under consideration.

Dutch Foreign Minister Julie Bishop accompanied with her Dutch counterpart Frans Timmermans has traveled to Kiev to obtain a memorandum of understanding with the Ukraine government that allows international police to secure the crash site.

Australian PM Tony Abbott said that the task of the international police team would be to ensure a full and thorough search of the site so that all victims’ remains were recovered and sent to the Netherlands for identification.

The search would also be responsible for the gathering of evidence to be forwarded to the Netherlands who are heading the investigation.

Prime Minister Abbott has spoken with President Poroshenko and President Putin about the need to secure the site and acknowledges a “potential for difficulty” for such a deployment to the area currently occupied by pro-Russian fighters.