Australia sending 100 additional military police to Ukraine – Reuters Austrailia

by The Daily Lede

In a report we published yesterday, we told you how Australia had a team of 50 officers in London awaiting deployment to Ukraine to “guard” the MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine.

Today it turns out that what was reported as originally being 50 officers readying to police the MH17 site in Ukraine was actually a contingent of 90, this according to a police spokesperson who was unclear as to why the discrepancy had occurred.

In addition to the now 90 Australian security personnel heading to Ukraine, the Dutch government has announced that they will be sending a team of 40 military police officers to the area as well.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte says he’s sending the police not as security for the site in rebel-held territory but as “extra hands and eyes to look for remaining remains and personal belongings” of victims.

This morning a report from Reuters Australia says that the Australian government will now be sending an additional 100 police along with some armed defense force personnel to Europe to join the dutch contingent heading to east Ukraine.

Australian PM Tony Abbott says that the objective of the mission is purely “humanitarian” and that he expects the deployment to last no longer than a few weeks should the operation, which is awaiting approval by Ukraine’s parliament, go ahead.

One has to wonder if these moves by the Dutch and Australian governments could be the first steps toward Russia putting boots on the ground in Ukraine under the guise of peacekeepers as we wrote about here July 4th: