BREAKING: Russia’s FM Lavrov says Moscow has proposed the UNSC to adopt a resolution on the deployment of Russian peacekeepers to MH17 site

by The Daily Lede


In response to repeated calls from the US for Russia to ensure international experts a safe, clear passage to the MH17 crash site, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has asked the UN Security Council to authorize the deployment of Russian Peacekeepers to the area.

Lavrov says that the only way that Russia can live up to the demands of the US and ensure the safety of investigators is through the use of Russian peacekeepers, as Kiev has previously stated that they (Kiev) does not assume responsibility for the safety of international experts.

Experts from both the Netherlands and Australia have been trying to gain access to the area where the doomed jetliner went down, but their efforts have been hampered from increased shelling by the Kiev military.