Russia’s consumer rights watchdog to organize unplanned inspection of large fast food chains KFC, Burger King

by The Daily Lede


A Russian lawmaker has asked Russia’s consumer rights watchdog to open an investigation into fast food giants KFC and Burger King.  This comes in light of allegations that McDonald’s mislead customers on the energy values of it’s meals and the discovery of coliform bacteria in McDonald’s Caesar wraps and a vegetable salad.

Roman Khudyakov a State Duma deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party said “KFC and Burger King have extensive networks in Russia, and Russians must be informed about the quality of the food they are buying there.”

“The watchdog has already detected problems with a number of products from McDonald’s that can harm people’s health. In light of that, I have asked the Federal Consumer Protection Service to organize an unplanned inspection of other large fast-food restaurants in Russia,” he said.

Both KFC and Burger King have denied comment.