Strelkov: Kiev preparing a chemical catastrophe

by The Daily Lede

Earlier this week CNN reported the use of short-range ballistic missiles against pro-Russian separatists by Kiev forces in Eastern Ukraine.

Today Donetsk’s Minister of Defense, Igor Strelkov, proclaims that Kiev’s military is preparing a major provocation designed to shock the world and shift blame towards pro-Russian separatists in the region, thus influencing the international community into recognizing the Donetsk People’s Republic as a “terrorist organization”.

According to Strelkov’s intelligence sources, Kiev’s goal is to target a sewage treatment plant containing 120 tons of chlorine as well as a factory in Gorlovka housing vast amounts of ammonia resulting in the potential deaths of tens of thousands in the region.

Strelkov believes that prior to these attacks, Kiev will launch a global propaganda campaign stating how the rebels intend to launch chemical attacks on Ukraine.

According to information received by Strelkov, military transport planes have deployed three rocket launchers in the Kramatorsk region.  Those systems have since been serviced and are now being prepared for launch.