BREAKING: Egyptian President to send Arab military forces to battle IS and establish Arab Alliance

by The Daily Lede

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced to Egyptian media on Saturday the formation of an Arab Alliance to counter the threat of IS in Iraq and Syria.  Sisi will coordinate with other Arab countries to confront the Islamic State in the coming days.

“The organization of ISIL poses a real threat and not an illusory threat as some people believe”, said Sisi, adding that “this threat requires the formation of an Arab NATO.”

Egypt’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Al-Orabi said that “it may happened during the coming period in order to repel any aggression or mobilization undertaken by ISIL against Gulf countries.”

Sisi will intervene quickly to counter any aggression against those countries, once the occurrence of anything that threatens their security. Sisi will intervene immediately to protect them,” said Orabi.