Ferguson protests extend into a second day – video

by The Daily Lede

After a night of looting and rioting which saw 32 arrests and injuries to two officers, the residents of Ferguson have extended their protest into a second day.

Nearly 300 police officers were dispatched from 15 different departments were called to counter the violence which broke out late Sunday following the fatal shooting of an unarmed teen on Saturday.

Protesters gathered in front of the Ferguson police department again this morning after warnings of arrests were given to those planning on attending a rally near police headquarters.

Protesters issued a list of demands from the Ferguson chief of police which included:

  • The identity of the officer responsible for the shooting death of Mike Brown
  • The dismissal of the officer involved in the killing
  • Circulation of the Ferguson City police handbook to the citizens of Ferguson
  • That the current racial composition of the Ferguson police department reform to reflect the composition of the community

After a press conference with the Ferguson Chief of Police, protesters continued their rally and marched from Ferguson police headquarters chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot!” and “Justice now”.