US Embassy in Iraq confirms delivery of ammunition and artillery to Iraq

by The Daily Lede

The American Embassy in Iraq confirmed Thursday the delivery of 15 million pieces of ammunition and 10 thousand pieces of artillery along with 1000 Hellfire missiles.  The Embassy also confirmed that 12 Iraqi pilots were currently in America training on F-16 aircraft for missions in Iraq.

The Embassy’s director of the Office of Security Cooperation in the Embassy, Lt. Gen. J. Michael Bednarek said, in an interview “The United States handed over to the Iraqi government 15 million pieces of ammunition for various types of weapons during the last month.”  The Lt. General also confirmed the deliver of previously stated munitions to the Iraqi government.

Reports also confirm that Iraqi forces will receive additional shipments of missiles and jets and, in the coming months, will see a continuation of efforts to arm Iraqi forces with aircraft, tanks and Apache helicopters.