Protests all across the nation in support of Michael Brown and Ferguson, Missouri – Photos

by The Daily Lede

Hands-Up!  protests are being held across the United States this evening denouncing the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri last Saturday afternoon.

Here are some photos which have been sent in to the Dream Defenders Twitter @Dreamdefenders

Boston - courtesy BunnieBDB

Boston – courtesy BunnieBDB

Chicago - courtesy RachaelP

Chicago – courtesy RachaelP

Washington, DC - courtesy EugenePuryear

Washington, DC – courtesy EugenePuryear

Denver - courtesy AnnieM

Denver – courtesy AnnieM

Detroit - courtesy CopWatch

Detroit – courtesy CopWatch

Ferguson - courtesy PaulHampel

Ferguson – courtesy PaulHampel

Kansas City - courtesy JerryPaauwe

Kansas City – courtesy JerryPaauwe

Los Angeles - courtesy MissLady

Los Angeles – courtesy MissLady

Miami - courtesy DreamDefenders

Miami – courtesy DreamDefenders

Philadelphia - courtesy AngieWrites

Philadelphia – courtesy AngieWrites

South Carolina - courtesy JackKuenzie

South Carolina – courtesy JackKuenzie

Times Square, NY - courtesy MillionHoodies

Times Square, NY – courtesy MillionHoodies