Abu Baraa: How American airstrikes will affect the Islamic State

by The Daily Lede

British Islamic activist, lecturer and public speaker Abu Baraa speaks on the current US bombing campaign in Iraq and America’s presence and involvement in past Middle Eastern conflicts and asks: “How much will the current US air campaign affect America?”

Baraa reminds America that they’ve never faced a force as powerful as the Kahlifa with it’s arsenal of American military equipment collected over the last 11 year period since the first Iraq war with the United States.

America’s experience lies with a more primitive fighting force who used to “fashion their own weaponry from pipes to make improvised rocket and grenade launchers,” explains Baraa, adding that today’s Islamic fighters have professionally made guns and bullets.

“Now they have real weaponry, real ammunition, because over the last 11 years, they have been taking it from America’s own puppets,” says Baraa.