Peaceful protests turn ugly in Ferguson, Missouri Friday – video & story

by The Daily Lede

After a day of mostly peaceful protests and what looked more like a giant block party in Ferguson, Missouri Friday, peace was shattered by a small group of opportunists and instigators who began to loot businesses and vandalize public property.

looters ransack a liquor store and general mayhem in Ferguson, MOcourtesy Tim pool


Some minor confrontations occurred with protesters throwing rocks at riot police and police responding with tear-gas. Police backed off to avoid escalation and no arrests were reported to have been made.

Those who rallied earlier but did not partake in the late night unrest said most of those who did were from outside the area–many from Illinois who residents described as opportunists.  “They would wait until police arrived, then they would start antagonizing and looting,” said one protester who wished to remain anonymous.

This did not deter many in the crowd who gathered peacefully to rally against the fatal shooting of Michael Brown nearly one week ago by Darren Wilson, a six year veteran of the Ferguson police department.  Many stood up to the looters and guarded businesses while officers stood their ground more than a block away.

Ferguson residents guard liquor store from further looting – courtesy Tim Pool

More protests are scheduled for Saturday as the unrest in Ferguson moves into it’s seventh day.