Revolutionary Communist Party incites violence at Ferguson Michael Brown rally on Monday

by The Daily Lede

Citizens of Ferguson and outlying areas took to the streets once again Monday protesting the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown who was fatally shot August 9th by Darren Wilson, a six year veteran of the Ferguson police department.

Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol reported that the majority of the protesters worked well with police throughout most of the evening and acknowledged that only a tiny minority were involved in criminal acts towards the police.

“Agitators moved to incite the crowd and create chaos by tossing bottles and Molotov cocktails, and shooting at police,” said Johnson.

Captain Johnson said at least two civilians were shot and a number of arrests were made, with two handguns being seized.

Johnson also reported that a number of protesters had come from as far away as New York City and California.  It was these people, along with a number from the Chicago area who were responsible for the ensuing chaos which took hold of the peaceful demonstration last night.

Shortly after 9 pm local time, a group of people descended onto Ferguson Ave. followed by a larger group rallied by members of the Revolutionary Communist Party who began shouting “Don’t back down!“, “Michael Brown can’t sleep” and “We have inspired people all over the world“,  the moment police made efforts to disperse the crowd.

The group was adorned in black t-shirts with slogans reading:  “The System Has No Future For The Children – The Revolution Lives” and “BA Speaks: REVOLUTION NOTHING ELSE” refering to Bob Avakian, the 71-year-old Revolutionary Communist Party chairman who has led the party since its formation in 1975.

Avakian, a veteran of the Free Speech Movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s and close associate of the Black Panther Party describes his work as a communist leader as focused on “developing a scientific understanding of the world and providing leadership in radically transforming it toward the goal of revolution and the final aim of communism.”

Avakian defines the basic aims of the communist revolution as seeking “to make those two radical ruptures of which Marx and Engels spoke: the radical rupture with traditional property relations and with traditional ideas. It seeks not to replace one form of exploitation with another but to do away with all forms of exploitation and indeed ultimately to eliminate all class distinctions.”

Avakian is also a regular contributor to the Revolutionary Communist Party(RCP) newspaper, “Revolution“.

The RCP most recently made an appearance in Murrieta, California attempting to agitate those who gathered to protest against the transfer of illegal aliens to their community:



Prior to that, the group was recorded in Brooklyn, NY trying to incite the crowd at “The March for Justice for Kimani Gray”:


At least one member who attended the Kimani Gray protests in NYC was clearly seen in video and photos of last evenings Ferguson Michael Brown protests trying to incite the crowd and antagonize police.

Member of Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) being arrested

Member of Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) being arrested

Same RCP member in Brooklyn at Kimani Gray protest as in the above photo being arrested

Same RCP member in Brooklyn at Kimani Gray protest as in the above photo shown being arrested

Same person wearing RCP Revolution hoodie

Same person wearing RCP Revolution hoodie

Here is the same person in the crowd that descended onto Ferguson with othe RCP members

Here is the same person in the crowd that descended onto Ferguson with other RCP members.  Man with megaphone appears in Murrieta video – KARG Radio LiveStream screen grab

The person with the megaphone has been identified as Gregory “Joey” Johnson professional Communist and self-proclaimed revolutionary.  Here is Johnson singing the “Revolution” song:


Last nights  incident on West Florissant Ave – courtesy of KARG Radio LiveStream and Mustafa Hussein:


Albeit small, the RCP’s appearance in Ferguson is not something one should take lightly. After all, there was a small group of communists among the ranks of peaceful protesters opposing Ukraine’s desire to join the EU during the EuroMaidan protests in Kiev.

It was this small group who incited members of the extreme right Svoboda Party and Right Sector to counter their demonstration, leading to greater acts of violence such as the massacre in Odessa by neo-Nazi extremeists.  It is also believed that the communist presence in the Maidan has a direct link to the pro-Russian separatist movement in east Ukraine.

Given the current geopolitical and social tensions happening throughout Europe, the Middle East, and now America, combined with the growing weakness of the global economy, Ferguson, Missouri may very well prove to be the revolutionary spark Bob Avakian’s Revolutionary Communist Party has been longing for.

Some points in brief about the Revolutionary Communist Party

  •  A Maoist group formed in 1975 as an offshoot of the Progressive Labor Party
  • Seeks the violent destruction of America’s capitalist economic system
  • Called for the assassination of Ronald Reagan in 1984
  • Was a key instigator of the 1992 Los Angeles race riots