Japanese jets scramble to intercept Russian bombers

by The Daily Lede

Japanese Air Defense Forces were called upon in recent days after two Russian military aircraft circled the Japanese archipelago.

According to Japan’s Ministry of Defense, Russian TU-95 strategic bombers flew over the Sea of Japan from the north to the border of the East China Sea.  The bombers then drew a trajectory over the Pacific Ocean along the eastern coast of Japan in the direction of Sakhalin.

The Japanese military notes a record number of incursions by Russian aircraft into it’s airspace in 2014 prompting Japanese Self-Defense Forces to initiate intercept missions.

According to the Ministry of Defense, fighters of the national self-defense forces were called upon to run intercept missions a record 340 times in the April – June 2014 period, topping the previous record of 255 set in the October – December period of the previous year.