St Louis County officer assigned to Ferguson suspended for Youtube video

by The Daily Lede


A 35-year veteran of the St Louis County police department has been suspended after a Youtube video surfaced of him making incendiary comments.

The video entitled The End of American Sovereignty and Constitutional Rights features Page addressing a chapter of the St Louis Oath Keepers about the ‘plan’ to end America’s sovereignty by destroying the Constitution, establishing martial law and merging the United States with Canada and Mexico as part of the North American Union and New World Order.

The video was brought to the attention of St Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar by Don Lemon, a CNN reporter who complained that Officer Page had shoved him.

Belmar told the St Louis Post-Dispatch that Page’s comments which defamed President Obama, the US Supreme Court, Muslims, women and various sexual orientations would most likely have led to a disciplinary review for being “beyond the scope of acceptable police conduct.”

But what most concerned Belmar were the officers comments describing himself as “an indiscriminate killer, that it did not matter what your race or background was.”

Page’s suspension is pending an internal affairs review which is scheduled to start Monday.  Officer Page is currently prevented from performing any police work until an official decision regarding a suspension has been reached.