Has Russia attacked Ukraine?

by The Daily Lede

Reports are coming in that Russian troops have pushed their way into Ukraine.  The US State Department acknowledges that Russian troops have indeed moved as far as 30 miles within Ukrainian territory.  Associated Press reports that a Russian-directed counteroffensive is underway in Donetsk and Luhansk and that Jen Psaki has voiced concern about overnight deliveries of material into southwest Ukraine, where separatists have reportedly entered a key town linking Russia to the Crimean Peninsula.

“Russian forces are being sent 30 miles inside Ukraine, without them or their families knowing where they are going,” said Psaki.

Earlier the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also tweeted this:


Reports are now beginning to surface from locals in Mariupol of Russian drones having been spotted over the city.  Many residents are in fear of an attack by the Russian Air Force.

Earlier Ukraine’s Espreso TV reported a full-scale Russian invasion from several directions.

No official confirmation from US or Russian media has been made as of yet.