Russian SU-33 and SU-25UTG Navy pilots return to NITKA complex in Crimea to begin training

by The Daily Lede

Russian Naval fighters return to NITKA complex

Russian naval aviators returned to the NITKA complex located at Saki airport in the Republic of Crimea on Monday to practice arrested landing procedures on aircraft carriers using simulators situated there.

NITKA ground test simulator for ship-based aircraft

The Ground Aviation Training and Research Complex, or NITKA (Nazemniy Ispitatelno-Tryenirovochniy Kompleks Aviatsii) complex, is modeled after the deck of the Kuznetsov aircraft carrier and includes a mock-up deck and take-off ramp. This is the first time since 2010 that the base has been used by the Russian Navy for training purposes.

In addition to the simulator training, the pilots also practiced complex aerobatic and air combat techniques which included air-to-air missile launches.

A total of six SU-33 fighters and two SU-25UTG jets were used for the exercises.