US military preparing for riots in Ferguson as early as October 15

by The Daily Lede

A journalist who has been following the continuing, albeit diminished, protests in Ferguson, Missouri has posted some very shocking news to his Twitter account.

Shaun King from the Daily Kos informed his followers of some incredibly disturbing information he learned from a young man in the military stationed in Missouri.

Under strict confidentiality the young man told Mr. King that in a meeting with military commanders, his unit needed to prepare for riots in Ferguson and St Louis which were to occur very soon-possibly as soon as October 15, the day the decision on whether officer Darren Wilson, the man who shot Mike Brown, will be reached.

The source also informed Mr. King that his unit had been performing drills in riot preparation and how to effectively shut them down quickly.

Plans were also being made to shut down St Louis airport should a riot take place.

The source said that an officer had also informed the unit that all leave was cancelled due to the imminent possibility of civil unrest in Missouri.

source: Revolution News