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VIDEO: More white phosphorous being used in Donetsk?

Video shows what could be white phosphorous in Donetsk.  Not sure from which side–Ukraine or Russian:


VIDEO: British #IS fighter sends message to coalition forces conducting airstrikes & issues call to arms to Jihadists in Britain

British IS fighter issues message to Britain & US:

VIDEO: US backed Iraqi army officers with Shia militants behead IS fighter CAUTION GRAPHIC

I guess one side is not necessarily better than the other:

VIDEO: Intense GRAD rocket fire in Donetsk

A volley of GRAD rocket fire in Donetsk from multiple launchers:

Ukraine’s Army General Yuri Dumanskiy says Donetsk being shelled by unknown party


General Yuri Dumanskiy of the Ukrainian Armed Forces says Donetsk is being shelled by unknown armed military units not controlled “by anyone”.

In a briefing held in Kramatorsk, Dumanskiy said neither they nor the Donetsk National Republic (DNR) shoot or fired any mortars in Donetsk and that the shells that were fired at the city came from some unknown party.

According to Dumanskiy some unknown “mortar truck” strategically situated itself, conducted an assault and left.

Earlier in the day a school in Donetsk was shelled along with a mini bus killing 9 people and injuring 30.  No students were killed in the assault.


IT STARTS: First domestic #Ebola case confirmed in #Dallas, Texas

US federal health officials have confirmed a patient currently being treated at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas has tested positive for the Ebola virus.

CDC officials say this is the first confirmed case of the deadly virus in the United States and the patient is currently being kept in isolation.

More to come.

2 schools, 2 shootings, 1 day – Livin’ in the #USA

Two school shootings in one day at two different American high schools occurred today wounding two students.

Around 7:40 am an argument between two students at a central North Carolina high school resulted in the non-fatal shooting of a young male at Albemarle High School.

One student was arrested on scene.

The second shooting occurred just after 1 pm edt at Fern Creek High School in Louisville, Kentucky.  One person has been reported injured with unknown injuries and the school is currently under lockdown.

Police say the shooter is still at large.

Bloor-Danforth Waterpark: #Toronto #TTC subway flooding caused by Metrolinx construction of Go transit facility

Toronto’s Bloor subway line was shut shutdown at the height of the morning rush caused by flooding from construction work on Toronto’s new GO Transit facility for Metrolinx.

The tunnel was punctured last week and, for some reason, crews decided to leave it ‘as is’ causing a buildup of silt and water to shut down subway service for thousands of Toronto commuters.

TTC officials now say service will not be restored until at least 3pm today.


Angry sheep corralled as Toronto subway suspends service during morning rush due to track issues #TTC

Hordes of commuters trapped in Toronto’s underground as Toronto’s Transit Commission suspended subway service due to mud and water on Bloor line running east and west.  TTC says trains will not run until 12pm at the earliest.


Hong Kong Monetary Authority activates business continuity plans to maintain normal banking operations

The HKMA issued a statement attempting to maintain calm in the overseas money markets today: